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Whale WatchingSwimming With Dolphins

As amazing as this might sound, at least 20,000 grey whales migrate to the Baja Sur yearly in early
December. Even more amazing is that their  journey covers nearly twelve thousand miles in some cases,
beginning at the Arctic Circle, paralleling the North American coastline to their winter breeding grounds in Baja California/Mexico and back again to their summer feeding grounds in the rich waters of the Bering Sea in the Artic.

Best Whale Watching Spots
  • Ojo de Liebre Lagoon
  • San Ignacio Lagoon
  • Magdalena Bay
Best Time of Year
  • January through April.
Whale Sighting
  • Baleen Whale: the most popular whale found in the Sea of Cortez and also the largest of all cetacean whales.
  • Gray Whale: easily spotted by its mottled gray appearance and narrow, triangular head. Numerous patches of yellow, orange patches of barnacles or lice.
  • Hump-back Whale: can easily be identified by their stocky bodies with obvious humps and black upper parts. The tail flukes, which are lifted high in the dive sequence, have wavy rear edges.

Schedule a whale watching adventure with us. Our bilingual guide will take you to one of the favorite birthing grounds of the Gray whale at Magdalena Bay aboard a panga boat or a close up look at mother whales with their newborn calves at San Carlos. This is an adventure of a lifetime! Bring a camera!

Whale Watching Tours
$200/per person (minimum 2 guests)
Call 1-800-364-9301 for reservations.

Swimming With Dolphins

Get up close and personal with the dolphins. Touch them, swim with them, and possibly take a ride with the dolphins holding on to their fins! This is a wonderful opportunity to communicate with these mammals in waist-deep waters.

Picture this to the thrill of children and adults alike: you are swimming with a small pod of friendly dolphins, they cuddle up to you, kiss you, let you rub their bellies, then they will expect you to watch while they put on a show for you with their unique tricks, and finally they push you by your feet with their noses across the ocean, and even let you climb their back and fly through the waters for a ride! Swimming With Dolphins in Cabo San Lucas is an experience you'll never forget!

Minimum age 6 years old. For precautionary reasons, pregnant women should not participate.

Swim with the Dolphins
Spectacular new attraction in Cabo San Lucas!
Swim with a friendly family of bottle-nose dolphins.
Duration: 30 minutes.
Price: $165 per person
Minimum age: 6 years old.
Please do not wear jewelry or sunscreen.
Food and beverages available at the Dolphin Center.
Call 1-800-364-9301 for reservations.

For reservations or information:
USA: 1-800-364-9301

Email: info@caboconcierge.net

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