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Villa Grocery and Beverage Prestock Suggestions

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Arrival Date 01/01/06 Arrival Time 8:00 am / 8:00 pm
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Los Cabos has an extensive variety of high-end grocery and beverage marts (Costco, La Europa). Most grocery food items found in the United States can also be found in Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos and San Jose del Cabo. Here are some suggestions to assist you in deciding what foods and beverages you would like to prestock your villa ahead of your arrival.

Grocery Shopping Rates:
Orders over $400:$100

Check off the items you wish to purchase. These items will be purchased on your behalf. All groceries will be delivered and placed in your villa prior to arrival. Should you wish additional shopping services during your stay in Cabo, please call locally at 624-122-1162 for instructions on how to place your order.

Most Popular Items: Don't see your item? Add it to the bottom blank field.

Bacon Sausage Eggs Bagels
Cream Cheese Cold Cereal Hot Cereal White Bread
Wheat Bread Multigrained Bread Cream Cheese Mustard Ketchup Mayonnaise
Mangos Watermelon Strawberries Melon
Tortilla Chips/Salsa Pico de Gallo Guacamole Smoked Salmon
Paté Cakes Pies Pastries

Beverage Menu

Soda: Coke Soda: Sprite Orange Juice Apple Juice
Grapefruit Bottled Water Coffee Tea

Bar Menu

Wine: Chardonnay Wine: Merlot Wine: Chablis Wine: Shiraz
Vodka: Grey Goose Vodka: Absolute Vodka: Smirnoff Scotch: Pinch
Scotch: Johnny Walker Black Whiskey: Jack Daniel's Tequila: Cuervo Tequila: Anejo
Rum: Malibu Rum: Bacardi Beer: Corona Beer: Pacifico
Beer: Budweiser Margarita Mix Pina Colada Mix Bloody Mary Mix
Fruit Juices Assorted Crackers & Pretzels Olives Cocktail Onions
Limes Mixed Nuts Cabernet Sauvignon

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