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Weather and Climate in the Baja Sur Mexico.

Unlike other countries, Mexico has six main land regions and within these regions are many smaller areas that differ greatly in altitude, climate, landforms and plant life. This variance results in a land offering a constant variety. Our weather page on Cabo Concierge will concentrate on the Pacific side of the Baja Sur.

The heat of summer can be oppressive in some areas - while in other nearby areas breezes may keep much of this heat at bay. especially the warm waters and very pleasant evenings.
One of the well observed rules of summer in Baja is to enjoy a summer vacation by planning your day around the temperatures. Activities should focus on morning or evening times. You might notice the locals shopping or visiting the markets during the evening hours when the heat is not so oppressive, a good tip to keep in mind. During the heat of mid-day, keep your activities to a minimum, or make certain they occur in an air-conditioned environment. Another rule that is very important  to adhere to if you are driving in Baja California during the summer months is to be sure to carry an emergency supply of water and a shade cover in case of a mechanical problem.

In the tropical regions of Mexico, the weather is most often rainy in the summers.
This is where the major rain storms with heavy downpours occur, be it short but heavy.
Further towards the south, the rainy season begins earlier and lasts longer. The amounts
of rainfall in the Southern areas vary tremendously from year to year with some years passing by with essentially no rainfall at all.

In the Sea of Cortez, the event of strong winds is usually associated with a high-pressure system in the southwestern United States. The Santa Ana wind, so prevalent in Southern California causes a strong flow of air to move from the mountainous desert regions to the Imperial Valleys of California and Mexico into the Sea of Cortez, where it is funneled for almost a thousand miles. This wind can blow for many days without letting up! On the other hand, these costal area breezes help keep much of the day's heat at a tolerable level.

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